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The Nexar API is a GraphQL based API for accessing the Altium ecosystem, including supply chain data from Octopart, design data from Altium 365 and manufacturing services from Altimade. The API will also enable you to access our partner services too. Build end user applications and integrate directly into your products, tools and services.

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Sign up

Sign up

  • Sign up for a free user account on our Nexar portal.
  • Choose an organization name.
Create an application

Create an application

  • Start using the API by creating an application in the Nexar portal.
  • Use the IDE to interactively test your query with the Nexar API.
Start developing!

Start developing!

  • From supply chain data access for millions of electronic components to querying and manipulating PCB designs, the future is a query away!

Developer Documentation

Learn more about Nexar with our detailed documentation. Understand how to use the Nexar API and how to connect it to your software and services.

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