Electronic Design to Delivery Index (EDDI)

Actionable, unprecedented industry-wide insights delivered monthly.

Leverage Spectra's years of data from across multiple touch points in the electronics industry. The EDDI gives your business in-depth analysis and actionable information on what is happening in the market that you can use to improve your decisions today.

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What’s in EDDI?

Powerful Monthly Insights

Powerful Monthly Insights

With EDDI you have the unique opportunity to mitigate risk, and take advantage of favorable market conditions to strengthen your business.

Macro and Micro Analysis

Macro and Micro Analysis

From a month-over-month look at the industry as a whole, down to distinct component categories, EDDI delivers insights at multiple levels of resolution. 9 category indices tracking different commodity types, 15 subcategory indices to shine a spotlight on popular component types.

Insights from Millions of Data Points

Insights from Millions of Data Points

Because of Nexar's unique position in the industry, we are able to provide insights not only from millions of data points, but from millions of daily user interactions across design, supply chain, and manufacturing, allowing for analysis at both the macro and micro levels.

Industry supply index

Insights on data collected from millions of data points provides a high-level view of stock trends across the entire electronics manufacturing industry. The EDDI enables you to compare aggregate supply signals over time, and compare how the supply index is trending.

  • Supply fluctuations of over 150 different part categories

  • Supply trends for the overall electronic components market

Demand index

An evaluation of sourcing demands for different categories of components across time and geographies.

  • Measures the effort expended to source parts

  • Examines the dynamic relationship between sourcing activity and inventory levels for the same group of parts