Electronic Design to Delivery Index (EDDI)

Supply chain trends can be a moving target. Mitigate disruption with Spectra’s free data intelligence.

Spectra's EDDI is a comprehensive and free report that can help you access important industry insights and empower you to navigate the electronics industry supply chain and make better business decisions. It provides a macroeconomic view of the supply and demand trends for 8 major component categories and 15 subcategories, with sourcing data backed by over 20 million parts. 

EDDI is going online!

Get free industry supply and demand trends for a smarter design and faster delivery

We are excited to announce that coming soon, the Electronic Design to Delivery Index (EDDI) is going to be available online!

What's included in EDDI?

Industry supply index

Industry supply index

Tracks the global availability of components over time. Featuring thousands of parts, EDDI provides both a high-level view of macroeconomic conditions across the entire electronics manufacturing landscape, while also highlighting supply fluctuations within the major part categories from integrated circuits to passive components.

Industry demand index

Industry demand index

Tracks sourcing activities throughout the Nexar network. Provides an evaluation of sourcing demands for different categories of components across time and geographies. The Demand Index measures the effort expended to source parts and provides the ability to examine the dynamic relationship between sourcing activity and inventory levels for the same group of parts.

Who's the index for?

Component and design engineers

Learn whether the components in your designs can resist supply chain risk and where to look for alternatives.

Procurement & Should-Cost Modelers

Identify potential risks across your entire approved components list.

Industry Analysts & Commentators

Understand the major trends that impact industry performance. Recognize supply changes as they happen.

C-Suite Executives

Minimize purchase price variance and quickly understand risks to your organization due to supply and demand changes.

The Supply Chain Intelligence Podcast

The Supply Chain Intelligence Podcast is a monthly show where co-hosts Philip Spagnoli Stoten and Daniel Schoenfelder break down the latest Spectra Electronic Design to Delivery Index (EDDI) report with an expert from the industry.


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