Nexar - Reinventing the Business of Electronics

We're Reinventing the Business of Electronics

Nexar leverages the power of the cloud to connect our growing community of Altium 365 PCB design users with the software, suppliers, and manufacturers needed to transform ideas into smart & connected products.

Over 5,000 companies have already adopted the Altium 365 cloud platform for electronics design. With the introduction of Nexar, partners can join this ecosystem of electronics innovators to make valuable software and services available to Altium 365 users.

API for integration or data exchange with Altium 365 and Octopart

Embeds: Easily add PCB Viewer, supply chain data, and more to websites

Tools & utilities to support design & library migration services

Cloud platform for design/manufacturing collaboration

Dedicated marketing of Nexar partner solutions to Altium users

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Nexar Partners

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Software Integration

Nexar enables the integration of software applications and workflows across the end-to-end, design-to-realization process for printed circuit boards. Nexar's API eliminates the need for intermediate files, providing simple, programmatic access to any design parameter for a variety of software applications or systems.

Connect software applications through single Nexar API directly to Altium software and data structures

Push or pull data into/from 3rd party applications, no matter what they are built on

No intermediate files or translations, bespoke integrations, or transferring large pools of unnecessary data

Co-marketing of partner solutions to promote partner solution adoption

Example Applications
Mechanical CAD
Analysis and Simulation
Cable Harness Design
CAM and Pre-CAM
EMC Compliance

Supply Chain Intelligence

Nexar supply chain partners, from part manufacturers to distributors, reach millions of engineers and designers worldwide, tap into Octopart's robust part data and search engine, and gain valuable insights into the needs of their target audience.

Nexar offers supply chain partners a robust component data feed API, and powerful "embeds" for component search, pricing & availability, and intelligent Bill of Material that can easily be added to partner websites and applications.

Add Octopart's component search engine to any website or application

Access live electronic component pricing and availability

Make component technical data, lifecycle status, and CAD models available on your website or application

Gain insight into the needs of the largest and most highly engaged professional audience of PCB designers, engineers, and buyers to guide your product strategy and inventory decisions

Parts Distribution
PCB Manufacturing
PCB Assembly
Component Manufacturing

Manufacturing Automation

Altium customers and users are creating more printed circuit boards than any other CAD community today. As Nexar partners, fabricators, EMS companies, brokers, and other companies involved in manufacturing printed circuit boards can collaborate with Altium users on the Altium 365 platform.

Nexar manufacturing partners are simply invited by PCB designers to collaborate on projects within Altium 365, where they can mark up and comment directly on the design from any web browser, to highlight potential issues and recommend changes to save time and cost. Rather than trying to communicate by phone and email while referring to screenshots and spreadsheets, communication takes place in the design documents and all interaction history is saved as a part of the design.

Nexar manufacturing partners can then quote projects faster, more accurately, and with less risk of rework. Customers can see the status of their orders all along the path to completion, giving them confidence that delivery will take place on schedule. And as a Nexar partner we promote your business to our user community to help grow your business.

With Nexar, we're transforming the concept of "design for manufacturing" into "design WITH manufacturing".

Nexar API

Nexar changes everything when it comes to getting the data needed to help design, source, and manufacture a printed circuit board.

Until now, the only way to access the details of a PCB from a CAD design was to export an intermediate file such as Gerber, ODB++, or the IPC-2581 standard. Unfortunately these intermediate files lack the context, comprehensiveness, and accuracy of native ECAD files. This nearly always results in repeated "back-and-forth" between designer and manufacturer, and often multiple redesigns and generating multiple versions of the intermediate files that make it even more difficult for designers and manufacturers to keep in sync.

Nexar eliminates the need for intermediate files, providing simple, programmatic access to ANY design parameter for CAM/Pre-CAM, simulation and analysis, PLM, ERP, and any other software application or system. With a single API you can integrate to Altium 365 and push or pull data into your own applications, no matter what they are built on.

The Nexar API opens access to a comprehensive PCB Information Model that will ultimately include everything needed to design, source, and manufacture a printed circuit board.

Nexar Embeds

Nexar embeds are "mini applications" that can be embedded on any web page or within an application with just a few lines of code. Embeds offer a way to provide advanced capabilities to Nexar partners without requiring them to install or maintain anything themselves.

Currently there are 4 unique Nexar embeds:

Altium 365 Viewer - drag and drop Altium, Eagle, KiCad native design files, or Gerber files to view, interact with, comment and markup PCB designs in full interactive 3D.

Intelligent BOM (Bill of Material) - finds matches to your complete bill of material in the electronics distribution community, providing pricing, availability, lifecycle and other key information.

Global Price & Availability - embeds the power of Octopart’s industry leading price and stock information on your website or application.

Upverter Modular Design - simple, drag & drop design editor that combines standard, reusable "blocks" to modify a design, or even create a completely new one.

Data Migration Tools

Migrating from other design tools to the Altium 365 platform is not difficult - but it can be quite a lot of detailed work. Fortunately, Altium and Nexar partners can help users to do this efficiently and effectively as a value added service.

Nexar provides data migration partners with tools and processes to convert designs and component data to the Altium format accurately and reliably. The Nexar team will also help to match Nexar data migration partners with customers who need their help through marketing and promotion.

Altium customers using NEXUS and Altium Designer also need help in migrating from local data management to the Altium 365 cloud. Connect with our team today to learn more about the opportunity to provide data migration services, and how Nexar can help.

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